A residential deck provides your home with a great outdoor feature, one that can even add value to your home. Many homeowners view their deck as an extension of their house and treat it like an outdoor room. Decks are great places to entertain or to simply relax outdoors. Of course, in order to get the most from your deck investment, you need to maintain and waterproof this outdoor attraction. If you neglect your deck’s regular needs, you’ll have to pay for a major restoration or possibly even a new deck long before you should have to.

Inspect Your Deck

Before waterproofing your deck, it’s important to inspect it carefully. Look for loose or warped boards. If you can’t repair them, you’ll want to replace them before you apply a sealer. If your deck was treated in the past, you should sand it before applying a fresh coat. Next, you’ll want to scrub all dirt and debris from your deck. The cleaner and smoother your deck is, the better your waterproofing sealer will work. You should consider using a deck cleaner that is formulated to restore your wood’s appearance and remove any trace of mildew or mold. Wait until your deck is thoroughly dry before applying your waterproofing sealer. Generally, it’s a good idea to wait two to three days after washing before you waterproof the wood.

Waterproofing the Deck

Check the weather before you waterproof your deck. You’ll need dry weather to perform this task. Applying the water sealer is an easy task. Apply the sealer with a brush or roller vertically along the boards. Most people coat one or two boards at a time until the entire deck has been sealed. If your deck is attached to a pool or you live in a climate with a lot of rain, you might want to apply more than one coat. Take care to let each coat dry before you apply the next.

Although deck maintenance is not as difficult as some household tasks, you might wish to call in the experts to inspect and seal your deck. Some general contractors perform these tasks regularly and will be happy to fit you into their schedule (Source: Deck Repairs from M&L Construction). The main thing is that you get this waterproofing accomplished so that you can enjoy your well-maintained deck for years to come.