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HDB Flats: Not Your Ordinary Singaporean Dream House

In our modern age, the rise of HDB flats in Singapore has taken the country by storm. With over 23 towns and 3 estates that house HDB flats, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for you. Although these flats or houses are made as neutral as possible to cater to the most number of people, there are those that redesign the HDB flats and homes that they’ve bought. The sky’s the limit for redesigning one’s HDB home, you just need to ... Read more

Five Creative Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom With Flowers

(photo source: Flowers are often used in celebrations like wedding, birthday parties, family gatherings, funerals and many more. They are usually presented in a glamourous and bizarre way to attract the eyes of people. Flowers are seen in households as well. Almost every home has flower decorations. But making flower arrangements for your room is a different thing. Your room is your haven and you want it to look good all the time. If you are planning on creating flower designs ... Read more

The Surging Popularity of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The 1950's saw a great deal of importance put on creativity and unique design features in architecture, furniture and automobiles. Eager to showcase what they felt would be a taste of the future, designers incorporated newer materials and design elements in their work, which became collectively known as "Mid-Century Modern". Today, with the help of shows like "Mad Men", mid-century furniture has experienced a huge resurgence. Today, we are going to look at a few of the aspects that buyers should look ... Read more

Otherworldly Architecture: Japan’s Tiny Houses

In the past, most people like to acquire buildings that are huge and enormous. But this slowly changed over time as they realized how impractical it is to own one of these estates. Today, a number of them are more interested in owning properties that have just enough space for their entire family. This is something students from different architecture universities in Manila should learn about. They must understand their clients’ needs in order to deliver the best service they can provide. It ... Read more

9 Reasons Why Tiles Are Advantageous For Your Home

Tiles are often used in bathrooms and kitchen because of its slick and smooth texture. According to Wikipedia, a tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers, or other objects such as tabletops. It is also said that a tile can sometimes refer to similar units made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood, and mineral wool, typically used for wall and ceiling applications. Tile flooring ... Read more

7 Ways to Incorporate Industrial Design in Your Home

In a time of mid-century modern, shabby chic, and Scandinavian design, industrial design provides a unique approach. With a timeless and complex quality, industrial design is not going anywhere soon. Some reasons for its recently growing popularity include practicality, uniqueness, and appeal to those with strict budgets. From exposed brick walls and ceilings, to re-purposed and thrift shop items such as salvaged pallets and laboratory cabinets, the style is distinctive. Photo by Matt Baxter Transform your home with one of today’s hottest interior design ... Read more

7 Tips for Using Monochromatic Themes

The monochrome trend is far from vanishing in the limelight. It dominates the fashion world and it brings sophistication to interiors. Neutrals and/or monochromes are the foundation of an ethereal style. Neutral decorating is part of many interior styles from Scandinavian to Minimalist and Monochrome. The decorating scheme is simple yet exquisite, and its flexibility goes well with a range of styles. When layered, structured and designed right, a neutral colors make a bold statement. Want to use a monochrome style work ... Read more

Parisian home decorating 101

Have you decided which interior home design should be your theme this season? Minimalist and modern are great, but drawing inspiration from the French might suit best for you. When you think of French culture, what comes first the top of your mind aside from The Eiffel Tower? Well, France and Paris, in general, are synonymous with having impeccable style. They’re the masters of contemporary and classic style from clothing to interior design. Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish, designed by Tali Roth via MyDomaine The secret to decorating your ... Read more
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