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7 things your home can stand without

Look around your home and tell us what you see. Yes, it isn’t spring but you’ve got to dedicate a day to do some general cleaning and decluttering. Come to think of it, do you really need that many framed photos and knickknacks on display? And let’s not ignore how many artworks are pinned against your walls. Yes, they’re worth-displaying individually but as a whole, with everything going on, it might only come off as clutter. Photo by Annie Spratt Look around. If you ... Read more

7 things to consider for your first apartment

Did you just graduate? Perhaps you finally got a decent paying job and now you're ready to look for your first apartment? Whatever it is, one thing’s for certain: the day has come you set off on your own and move out of your parents’ home. Looking for your first apartment can be both daunting and exciting. However, as you find yourself struggling and adjusting to the weight of responsibilities you have, you might find yourself burdened and clueless. Photo by Ján Jakub ... Read more