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How to Design a Golf Course in Your Backyard in 5 Steps

Golf is a classic game designed for you to spend time outdoors in a moderately peaceful manner. This is why it is perfect for your children as it is a compromise between what you want them to do which is calm down and act as adults, and what they want to do which is run around. The following 5 steps will help you create a unique playground in your backyard. Involve your children Your children will eagerly take on this project and you ... Read more

Introducing Fire Pits to Your Outdoor Setting

  Setting up your backyard as an oasis of serenity and relaxation requires a bit of planning. You need to make sure that all your features and accessories have enough room. Fire pits are one of the most space-demanding additions for your backyard. But a well-designed fire pit can quickly become the most popular component of a backyard. Acting as a centerpiece for your yard, a fire pit also adds value to a home and is a valuable investment. Below are a few ... Read more