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Ingenious Temporary Interior Design Ideas

Interior decor and design is always changing. It evolves along with us and our lifestyle. In some cases we may just want to live with a certain look before committing to it. For those living in apartments and rented homes we may not be allowed to make permanent changes. Maybe we just like simple over complicated, as not everyone is handy. The price of major renovations is also out of reach for many on a limited budget. This article is for ... Read more

Best Types of Wood for Building a Deck

If you want to build a deck or are considering updating an old one, you'll want to decide which type of wood to use. In fact, materials selection is the most important part of your deck's plan. Whether you opt for softwoods like cedar or seeking an easy-to-maintain wood like mahogany, you'll want to learn about the pros and cons of each wood type. While your contractor can help provide you with added information, the following will give you a basic ... Read more

Designing and Planning the Perfect Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are complicated and costly, yet beyond worth it. You will bring tranquility into your days, impress guests, and sometimes just stand there and admire your new domain. Here are seven steps for bringing your vision to life. Dream Up Your Ideal Bathroom Start by making a list of everything you could hope for in your new bathroom. Of course it probably won't be reasonable to include everything right away, but knowing exactly what you want makes it more likely that your ... Read more

Xiao Long Bao – Delicious Dumplings to Make you Say ‘Wow’

Xiao Long Bao, which is the official Chinese name for a juicy, pork-filled dumpling, is attracting attention in the West too. Since many Americans have trouble pronouncing Xiao Long Bao, it has earned the name soup dumplings instead. The Chinese name for this dish translates to small basket buns because that is how it is steamed. In addition to a pork-based filling, soup dumplings have a delicate skin and a broth made from gelatinized meat. This dish originated in Nanxiang, a suburb ... Read more

Signs Your Home’s Roof is Failing

For homeowners, performing property assessments to ensure that everything is functioning properly is important to preventing damage, dangerous conditions, and future expenses. One of the most important assessments to conduct is a roof assessment. If any of the following are noticed, it may be a sign that the roof is failing, and that immediate action needs to be taken to repair it: Missing, Cracked, or Discolored Shingles One of the easiest ways to detect a roof that’s in disrepair is looking for missing, ... Read more

Introductory Guide to Home Siding

Siding is far more than merely a cosmetic refurbishment to the home; siding can act as a protector and safeguard against the elements and the bones of a house. With many siding options currently on the home improvement market, it may help to determine the amount of maintenance and care different materials require, and consider if it suits the buyer's distinct lifestyle before making purchase decisions. Some different options for buyers seeking siding include: Versatile Vinyl Perhaps the most popular option currently is vinyl, ... Read more

5 Free Mobile Apps 3D Printing Enthusiasts Should Have

Last month the respected Automaker, Ford, announced its plans to integrate the use of 3D printing in developing major parts of the cars it produces. And the Ford Innovation and Research Centre in California, was built to handle the challenges that comes with designing, 3D printing and testing these 3D printed parts. The example of Ford recognising the impact of additive manufacturing is just one among others highlighting the importance of 3D printing to diverse industries in the manufacturing industry. It also ... Read more

Home Improvement Tips & Projects for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and many people's thoughts are on backyard clean-up and home improvement projects. With more daylight hours and warmer temperatures, summer is the ideal time to complete these chores. Getting the basic maintenance projects done first gives homeowners more time to plan for major renovations if desired. Minor Home Improvements The gutters on the home are a good place to start. They are likely clogged with debris from the long winter and require a major cleaning. Gutters can ... Read more
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