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Home Improvement Project Success

Handyman Magazine polished up a nice article on how to succeed at any home improvement project, whether it’s re-plumbing the bathroom, installing new kitchen cabinets, or building a deck, even if you’re not a professional. With thorough planning and taking time to truly understand the process, results can closer match expectations. Remember that each home improvement project is different and in order to have a successful project, you should conduct your research before starting it. Step One:  Internet, Library and Bookstore Research How-to ... Read more

The Quickie Guidebook to Contractor-ese

Whether the project is a simple addition or a large-scale renovation, talking with a contractor may seem like talking with someone from another country, one with a common linguistic root. If it’s re-laminating a floor or replacing the roof, speaking contractor-ese is one way that homeowners can ensure they’re doing their job to code and to spec – and keep their contractor honest. (Source: 10 Common Remodeling Terms 1. Flashing: this refers to the weather-stripping used to prevent water damage in ... Read more
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