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Organizational Ideas for the New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, folks are more than likely sitting down with a pen and some paper ready to hash out some resolutions next year. Most of the resolutions will be familiar; eat healthier, exercise more, pick up a new hobby (you know, the things you wanted to do this but just didn’t get around to doing). Instead of rolling out the same old resolutions as last year, why not start with something that will have an immediate impact on ... Read more

5 Tips for a Low-Effort Landscape Design

Traditionally, relaxing in a beautiful yard is one of the best ways to end a long workday or a hectic workweek. However, in this turbulent times of global pandemics, those lucky enough to have gardens and outdoor spaces rely on them as personal sanctuaries more than ever. Not everyone has a lot of time or effort to invest in creating or maintaining a beautiful yard, however. The good news is that there are several tips homeowners can utilize to create a beautiful ... Read more

Beer Cans Solidified Americans’ Recycling Habit

In the United States, citizens do their share and recycle a lot -  literally tons. Americans recycled 135 million tons of their waste in 2012 and  0.7 million tons of that recycling was aluminum. This metal is one of the easiest and fastest materials to recycle as well as one of the earliest items recycled in our modern recycling era. Recycling is the system of amassing and processing materials that otherwise would have been considered waste and making these materials into new ... Read more

Troubleshooting Dishwasher Leaks And Water Flow Problems

Homeowners expect dishwashers to work every time they press the button, but they can be a little temperamental and develop problems. Some of the most common are leaks or water flow problems, which you can diagnose on your own with the following guide. How to Troubleshoot a Leaky Dishwasher There are a number of issues that could lead to a leaky dishwasher. These are the easiest to troubleshoot and address like the overloading problem. Many people are going to be tempted to overload ... Read more

How to Clear an Overgrown Yard Efficiently

(Image Credit: Have Dumptruck, Will Travel) Sometimes people buy a house for such a great price that they’re willing to invest time and resources into fixing it up. This goes for the yard as much as anything else. Perhaps the house is perfect, but the yard looks like it hasn’t seen a lawnmower or a brush clipper in years. The grass is too tall, the bushes are overgrown, and there seems to be more weeds than lawn. Another possible scenario is that a ... Read more

Your Renovation Debris Can Be Hazardous

All of those do-it-yourself home remodeling shows make renovations look at easy as tearing out the old and installing the new. Homeowners decide that they want a total remodel so they go for it--knocking out walls with sledgehammers, ripping up floors, and stirring up a flurry of dust. When they are finished, the result may be a sparkling new kitchen, a luxurious bath or an expanded living space big enough for the entire family to watch the game while snacking on ... Read more

How to Design a Golf Course in Your Backyard in 5 Steps

Golf is a classic game designed for you to spend time outdoors in a moderately peaceful manner. This is why it is perfect for your children as it is a compromise between what you want them to do which is calm down and act as adults, and what they want to do which is run around. The following 5 steps will help you create a unique playground in your backyard. Involve your children Your children will eagerly take on this project and you ... Read more

How to Install a Wooden Fence

Aside from the practical barriers they provide to dogs, deer and other unwanted critters, fences can help set the character of a garden or yard. Many fences can be installed relatively easily and painlessly, even if you’re not a contractor. They can also be installed fairly economically. Pre-made fence kits are one option, but you can also make your own. The following is a step-by-step guide to installing a wooden fence. First: Choose a Fence Type Fences range from barrier, to privacy screen, ... Read more
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