Green Construction for Green Bottom Lines in 2016

Following the historic Paris Accord of 2015, many observers have suggested that perhaps 2016 is the year when green becomes the new norm. However in the construction industry, it is the economic promise of green building that's attracting so much attention recently. In the 2016 Dodge Data & Analytics' World Green Building Trends report, research shows that green building is growing so fast that it's doubling every three years. As Building Design and Construction magazine observed from the survey, the perceived cost ... Read more

5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Innovations

Following news of the final approval of a global pact, signed by 190 nations, to limit greenhouse gas emissions, it is clear that environmental standards will be a hot-button issue for the forseeable future. However, innovation in the field of eco-friendly products has been happening for the past several years now. To illustrate that point, below we highlight 5 amazing and inspiring innovations designed to help reduce the impact of humanity on nature Some of these designs are still concepts or prototypes ... Read more

Bioremediation: The Favored Method for Oil Spill Clean-ups

The repercussions of marine spills are economic and can cause considerable harm to humankind and wildlife. Though there is consensus about the need to prevent offshore oil spills, they still continue. What are the most effective oil remediation solutions available? An in-depth analysis of the history and current status of bioremediation titled, "Bioremediation Methods for Oil Spills", provides an extensive discussion of this subject. Bioremediation as become increasingly commonplace as a favored method for removing oil in offshore spills in the past ... Read more

Biodegradable Stuff That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s natural to think of bioremediation now, especially after the high-profile Exxon-Valdez and BP Deepwater Horizon spills of recent years. Bioremediation refers to the process by which natural organisms, either native to an oil spill or introduced to the site, breakdown and consume petroleum and other hazardous liquids. Prior to the Exxon Valdez spill, bioremediation was largely untested. But as studies into the environmental impacts of the spill progressed, the EPA and other governmental organizations began to test bioremediation to see ... Read more

Eight Home Improvement Tips to Save Energy and Money

There are a number of home improvements that are both energy efficient and economically good investments. Some improvements decrease water consumption while others reduce electricity and gas usage. Making these eight home improvements will help you to save energy and money. Plant Trees Planting deciduous trees, the type of tree that loses its leaves in the fall, will add curb appeal to your property, provide you with privacy, and save energy and money. The tree's shade in the summer will help to cool ... Read more
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