5 Green Technologies Used for Smarter Home Building

Home construction has come a long way from our ancestors' log cabins in the country or plank houses in town. While these structures would be called outdated by many, there is a return to some of those older principles as part of a demand for smarter home building. Our ancestors created livable spaces with "green" practices that came naturally and were used for hundreds of years with success. They used air and light flow to help regulate temperature in the home ... Read more

Sustainable Living In Every Household: Six Ways of Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

Sustainable living has become a trend throughout the world. It is basically a lifestyle that aims to preserve the environment by reducing the use of earth's natural resources. As time passes by, people are becoming more awakened by the implications brought by man's wrongdoings to the earth. With this, awareness about the earth's preservation and sustainability are spread throughout the world by advocates. Though they are spoken in different tongues, people are united by one clear message: to save the earth. The ... Read more

5 Inspiring Examples of Crowd Sourced Funding & Green Technology

In the late 1990's, crowdfunding made its debut in the music and arts communities. Bands utilized the internet to get fans to fund overseas tours and filmmakers acquired the capital necessary to finish projects through donations solicited from fans online. By 2013, the the United States saw over $5b of annual startup investment raised through crowd source funding efforts. Today, an ever-growing number of environmentally-friendly and exceptionally innovative projects are taking advantage of crowd sourced funding platforms to build prototypes and try ... Read more

Altamont Wind Farm to Power Google Offices

Long time residents of the San Francisco Bay Area are sure to be quite familiar with that Altamont Wind Farm. The hills along Interstate 580 as you pass Livermore and head towards the Central Valley are dotted with massive wind turbines, erected as a result of the energy crisis of the 1970’s. The wind farm is one of the oldest and earliest examples of wind power, and at one time was the largest in the US. If you are not familiar with ... Read more

Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Infrastructure

The global population, according to the Pew Research Center, is projected to grow by 38% from 2010 to 2050. This increase means an additional 2.7 billion people in the world, many of whom will be living in Africa and other developing countries. Additionally, India will soon surpass China as the most populous. It is also projected that by the year 2050, 70% of the population will reside in urban communities. This population growth presents an interesting and unique problem for urban planners. ... Read more

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting [Infographic]

A look at the California drought and the benefits of rainwater harvesting... The crippling drought affecting California and much of the West Coast for the past several years has been devastating for farmers, wildlife, and the curb appeal of neighborhoods from San Diego to Santa Rosa. However, homeowners and land managers have developed a greater appreciation of the importance of water conservation as a result. Evidence of this silver lining can be found in the February 2nd release from that state's water ... Read more

Alternative Versus Fossil Energy Today

For most of the twentieth century, the majority of the nation's electricity came from coal-burning plants. That is not going to be the case in the twenty-first century. The cost of coal is climbing steadily, and most industry projections see no end to it. In contrast, the prices of the most common renewable sources of electricity have fallen sharply and will probably continue to fall. Hundreds of coal-fired plants have already been closed nationwide, and replaced with generating stations that run ... Read more

Green Data Center Initiatives Continue To Grow As Processing Skyrockets

Green initiatives and energy savings have come a long way in the data center environment. As virtualization and cloud-based computing processes have improved over the last decade, so have global IT energy efficiency levels. While this is a positive step in the right direction toward global energy savings, green data centers need to remain vigilant by keeping up with the ever-increasing data being processed in the greenest ways possible. While the big players in the data processing game continue to lead ... Read more
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