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Numbers as Art: A Long-Standing Architecture Trend

Leonardo Pisano Bigollo was an Italian mathematician who published a book on mathematics, Liber Abaci, in 1202. In the book, he asked the following question: “If a pair of rabbits is placed in an enclosed area, how many rabbits will be born there if we assume that every month a pair of rabbits produces another pair, and that rabbits begin to bear young two months after their birth?” This question was the basis for what is now known as the Fibonacci, ... Read more

Things to be Aware of When Buying Teak Patio Furniture

With its durability and warm butter-colored wood, teak has long been regarded as a great choice for outdoor furniture. Moreover, teak has a natural composition of “rubber and oils [that] serves as Mother Nature’s weatherproofing, protecting against water, rot and insects, ensuring that your furnishings will last year after year” (1). While teak is a popular choice for patio furniture, there are still a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for teak patio furniture. Expense Because of its natural abilities ... Read more
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