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A Touch Of The East: Decorating Your Home With Traditional Asian Twist

April 27, 2016 0 Comments

Modern meets traditional. City meets country. And now, East meets West. In interior design, people often mix a variety of ideas in order to create.

Adding Personality To A Lifeless Space: Nail-free Decorating Tips For Renters

April 11, 2016 0 Comments

“No painting, no drilling, no wrecking” – these are three of the important things your landlord told you before giving the keys of the apartment.

A Home Off the Beaten Path: Five Ideas in Building a Dream Home Close to Nature

March 28, 2016 0 Comments

As a child, you may have formed a specific dream house in mind: probably spacious and luxurious. But as the time passes by, a large.

World Heritage Site: The Euphrasian Basilica and Byzantine Architecture

February 9, 2016 0 Comments

Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997, the Euphrasian Basilica, located in the coastal city of Poreč, Croatia and overlooking the Mediterranean.

Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

January 21, 2016 0 Comments

The kitchen is not only the focal point of a home, but also one of the biggest and potentially disruptive renovation projects you can undertake..

Indulge In Some Rustic Luxury With Bespoke Oak Furniture

January 20, 2016 0 Comments

It is said that a man’s home is his castle, and, we all want our homes to be unique and reflect our individuality. One way.

6 Interior Design Trends for 2016

December 8, 2015 0 Comments

As 2015 draws to a close, there are several fashion forward interior design trends to consider as we enter the new year. Builders and designers.

The Emergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

November 5, 2015 0 Comments

Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides contractors, engineers, and architects with a digital rendering of the functional and physical qualities of a facility in the built.