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Parisian home decorating 101

Have you decided which interior home design should be your theme this season? Minimalist and modern are great, but drawing inspiration from the French might suit best for you. When you think of French culture, what comes first the top of your mind aside from The Eiffel Tower? Well, France and Paris, in general, are synonymous with having impeccable style. They’re the masters of contemporary and classic style from clothing to interior design. Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish, designed by Tali Roth via MyDomaine The secret to decorating your ... Read more

5 Pieces of Furniture You Can Live Without

Is your bedroom or living room a cluttered mess even when it's clean? Perhaps it's time to see if some of your stuff includes furniture you can live without. Are you need of freeing up a little space for some new furniture? Take a hard look at your nightstand and coffee table. Do you really use those items regularly? If not, maybe it’s time to cut down furniture that seems to simply be a place to pile things up when you don't ... Read more

The Development of Green Architecture in Sydney Since 2000

It has one of the fastest growing populations in the world, situated in one of the driest parts of the planet. Facing such challenges, Australia became the first to recognize the importance of preserving natural resources and turning to sustainable development. Due to the extent of its impact on the environment, Australia's construction industry made the most dramatic changes. The industry transitioned from traditional approaches to new building ideas, practices, and materials. Today, Australia is at the forefront of the world’s ... Read more

5 Incredible Chalk Paint Home Decor Ideas

Chalk paint projects have become increasingly more popular. There are a multitude of DIY chalk paint projects available online. It is a simple way to add a touch of your own personal style to your home decor while also making something that has a purpose and can be utilized by all family members. Below are five creative ideas for incorporating chalk paint or a chalkboard wall into your home or office: 1. Create a chalkboard accent wall in your home office. If you ... Read more

Let there be light: Eight Simple Ideas to Brighten Up a Gloomy Living Room

It's past noon. The sun shines its brightest outside, but your living room just can't feel the heat yet. It is perhaps because of the heavy curtains you put in your windows, the wrong paint color you used for your walls or the direction your house is facing. Whatever that is, the living room should not be deprived of the natural light it deserves. Ideally, the living room should be the most refreshing part of your home. It is the place where ... Read more

Architecture of The Olympics

The history of the Olympic Games dates back to the 8th century. However, the Olympic Games received its second lease of life in 1896. This historically valued games event certainly comes as a great treat to sports enthusiasts across the globe. However, most of us are fully aware of the amount of efforts that go towards the preparation in staging these events. Do you know that there is a whole new stream of architecture has been evolving around the Olympic stadiums? ... Read more

6 Hot Interior Design Trends for Summer 2016

Interior design is a constantly morphing industry that lives and breathes change. Whether small and subtle or large and sweeping, the changes that occur in within the interior design industry continue to make themselves heard and felt round the world. We humans love to "nest", and in doing so we feather our particular nests according to what is current and our personal taste in combination. The emerging interior design trends for summer 2016 are no exception. Since we like to freshen up ... Read more

Redecorating Your Home With 2016 Contemporary Interior Design

We have reached the fifth month of the year, yet it's never too late to redecorate your own home based 2016 interior design trends. As we all know, the contemporary interior design is evolving. Interior designers all around the globe seek ideas from different eras and perspectives to recreate new trends. If you're looking forward to keeping up with the trends of 2016 contemporary interior design, here are some of the best design ideas you may mimic in your very own space. ... Read more
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