6 of the Most Common Small Kitchen Mistakes

November 9, 2016 0 Comments

Take a moment to look around your kitchen. Yes, it may be small and not how you dreamed it to be. But no, you’re wrong.

7 Ways to Incorporate Industrial Design in Your Home

November 8, 2016 0 Comments

In a time of mid-century modern, shabby chic, and Scandinavian design, industrial design provides a unique approach. With a timeless and complex quality, industrial design.

7 things your home can stand without

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Look around your home and tell us what you see. Yes, it isn’t spring but you’ve got to dedicate a day to do some general.

7 things to consider for your first apartment

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Did you just graduate? Perhaps you finally got a decent paying job and now you’re ready to look for your first apartment? Whatever it is,.

5 ways to lighten up a dark room

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Who likes living in a dark room that resembles that of a cave? No one. A dark, poorly lit room can make one feel as if.

6 habits of people who have clean homes

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Don’t your eyes sparkle whenever you come in your sister or friend’s home and see a clean and tidy house? Whether your there unannounced or.

7 Tips for Using Monochromatic Themes

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The monochrome trend is far from vanishing in the limelight. It dominates the fashion world and it brings sophistication to interiors. Neutrals and/or monochromes are.

6 Home Furnishings Worth Splurging On

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If money weren’t an issue, we’d all have beautifully furnished homes with high-end appliances. But money is an issue for *almost* all of us. To.