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Green Landscaping: 8 Simple and Easy Ways to Create a Greener Yard

Green landscaping, also known as "eco-landscaping", is a method used to create and design an ideal landscape that embraces sustainability. The method includes landscaping strategies that reduce air, soil, and water pollution and create a healthier environment for the wildlife. Green landscapes allow you to save time, money, and energy and create a healthier outdoor space. Start creating a "greener" landscape using these simple and easy tips in landscaping. 1) Install living green walls Instead of building a fence, try planting a living green ... Read more

Ten Simple and Easy Remodeling Tips To Go Green In Your Bathroom

So you have decided to welcome the eco-friendly lifestyle in your own home? One of the easiest ways to start is to pay attention to the smallest and perhaps the coziest parts of your home - the bathrooms. These little personal hygiene areas are qualified for a "go-green" makeover since they are prone to careless water and energy consumption and usage of toxic substances which may negatively affect the environment. There are three things you have to keep in mind when redecorating ... Read more

Redecorating Your Home With 2016 Contemporary Interior Design

We have reached the fifth month of the year, yet it's never too late to redecorate your own home based 2016 interior design trends. As we all know, the contemporary interior design is evolving. Interior designers all around the globe seek ideas from different eras and perspectives to recreate new trends. If you're looking forward to keeping up with the trends of 2016 contemporary interior design, here are some of the best design ideas you may mimic in your very own space. ... Read more

A Touch Of The East: Decorating Your Home With Traditional Asian Twist

Modern meets traditional. City meets country. And now, East meets West. In interior design, people often mix a variety of ideas in order to create a revolutionary approach, like sprinkling a traditional, oriental flavor in your modern Western home. A 1000-word long post is never enough to illustrate Asia's diverse culture and how it affects each country's home design. Each region has its own unique cultural heritage that influences their ways of life through the years. The interior designs and architecture vary; ... Read more

Adding Personality To A Lifeless Space: Nail-free Decorating Tips For Renters

“No painting, no drilling, no wrecking” - these are three of the important things your landlord told you before giving the keys of the apartment space. Renting is considered by people who travel a lot from one place to another, as well as those who are not yet ready to buy a home of their own. Renting, however, has some disadvantages. One of them is you cannot unleash your utmost creativity and personality in decorating your space due to some restrictions. ... Read more

A Home Off the Beaten Path: Five Ideas in Building a Dream Home Close to Nature

As a child, you may have formed a specific dream house in mind: probably spacious and luxurious. But as the time passes by, a large home still rules you mind but you start forming more considerations, like its location. The beauty of one's home is judged not only by the quality of its architecture and interior design but also by where it's placed. While urban living offers a wide array of interesting colors, there are those who still prefer living a simple ... Read more

Sustainable Living In Every Household: Six Ways of Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

Sustainable living has become a trend throughout the world. It is basically a lifestyle that aims to preserve the environment by reducing the use of earth's natural resources. As time passes by, people are becoming more awakened by the implications brought by man's wrongdoings to the earth. With this, awareness about the earth's preservation and sustainability are spread throughout the world by advocates. Though they are spoken in different tongues, people are united by one clear message: to save the earth. The ... Read more

The Perks and Downsides of Buying Old Homes

Buying old homes is not for the faint of heart. But by doing your homework and exercising patience, you can find great value in a fixer upper... Still indecisive on what house to buy? The new, untainted one with a fresh scent of cement and paint, implying a fresh beginning for your family? Or the old one, whose walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as the furniture have already been established for your arrival? Whether you're moving out or you're looking for ... Read more
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