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9 Surprising Ways You’re Making Your Allergies Worse

You never run out of antihistamine medications in your medicine cabinet... You have banned seafood, peanuts, and other allergy-causing foods from entering your kitchen... You refuse to accept beautiful flowers from your significant other on Valentine's Day... No matter how cute they are, you also try to keep a distance from your neighbor's furry cats... Dusty rooms scare the hell out of you more than dark, haunted rooms... You can relate to most of these things if you're suffering from allergies. You know very well the ... Read more

8 Ways To Get A Swim Workout Without Actually Swimming

Medical experts and fitness instructors have agreed - swimming is indeed one of the best workouts. The activity is a total body workout that encompasses all the exercises you need in order to get fit, from burning calories and toning your muscles to speeding up your metabolism. There's something magical in the water – it allows you to work on your strength, speed, balance, and coordination without forcing your joints. But what if you don't know how to swim, or perhaps, don't ... Read more

Five Cool Ways To Work Out Safely In Hot Weather

Nothing beats the feeling of sweat pouring down all over your body during an intense outdoor workout. Exercising outdoors is beneficial to your health. You'll be able to sweat out with the help of sun's soothing warmth while inhaling fresh air. Working out in the heat is okay, as long as you're aware of your body's limitations. If you work out in a very hot and humid weather, however, the idea may backfire on you. Health hazards such as dehydration, heat stroke, ... Read more

The Four Health Risks of Swimming In Chlorinated Pools

Swimming is a great way to get the physical activity you need to stay fit and healthy - if and only if your swimming environment supports your well-being. Most private and public pools are kept safe and clean using chlorine, a chemical used for disinfection. Though it is an accepted method of pool sanitation, chlorination, especially when taken in excess, can be dangerous. As chlorine levels go higher, the pool water becomes more toxic to humans and can cause a few health ... Read more

Take Your Regular Dose Of Vitamin Sea: The Five Health Wonders Of The Sea Bathing

"Vitamin Sea"  is a clichéd expression making noise on social media when summer time comes. From the calming sounds of the roaring waves to the soothing sensation salty air brings, there’s no surprise why people love the term. Those in need of uninterrupted relaxation and natural healing from the city’s hazardous ambiance, visit the sea. However, claiming that "vitamin sea" heals is not a new story. In fact, the evidence was discovered thousand years ago. Hippocrates, a Greek physician, renowned as the ... Read more

Eight Understated Reasons Why You Start Swimming Today

We are all aware that having the ability to swim gives you a stronger advantage over the others. Firstly, you can save your life and the lives of others when the situation calls for it. You can also improve your overall physical health as swimming puts the heart, lungs, and immune system in a better condition. Last but not least, there's no doubt that swimming is an activity people of all ages can enjoy. Aside from these common facts, there are eight ... Read more

Five All-Natural Cleaning Ingredients You Can Find In Your Pantry

Exposure to harmful chemicals is unavoidable. Even the safest place on earth we call "home" isn't secured from these health threats. Just grab a random cleaning product in your bathroom and you'll see a long list of toxic ingredients that you can touch, inhale, and taste. With this, going for all-natural alternatives is often the best choice, especially in cleaning where you tend to get in touch with poisonous chemicals. And we're not talking about commercial products that claim they are "chemical-free", ... Read more

Let there be light: Eight Simple Ideas to Brighten Up a Gloomy Living Room

It's past noon. The sun shines its brightest outside, but your living room just can't feel the heat yet. It is perhaps because of the heavy curtains you put in your windows, the wrong paint color you used for your walls or the direction your house is facing. Whatever that is, the living room should not be deprived of the natural light it deserves. Ideally, the living room should be the most refreshing part of your home. It is the place where ... Read more
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